Student Handbook & Policies

Student Handbook & Policies 

Student Rules of Conduct

What we expect of our students:

Students shall:

  • Attend WACC daily – home schools are notified of tardies and absences.
  • Show respect to staff and students.
  • Use proper language, etiquette, and dress appropriately.
  • Take pride in his or her work.

What will not be tolerated:

Students shall not:

  • Use cellular phones during class.
  • Wear clothing with offensive logos.
  • Have weapons, drugs, look-alike drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.
  • Steal from students, staff, or the building in general.
  • Be violent toward students or staff.

Discipline Policy

Step I consists of a meeting with the student and a WACC administrator.

Step II consists of a meeting with the student and a WACC administrator; and a phone call will be made to the home school administrator and to the parents or guardians of the student.

Step III consists of a meeting with the student, WACC administrator, home school administrator, and the parent/guardian of the student.

Step IV consists of the student being removed from the WACC class.

Certain steps in the procedure can be bypassed depending on the severity of the problem.  A written correspondence will be sent to the home school and to the student’s parents/gaurdians after each infraction

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