Digital Media Arts

Digital Media Arts One- or two-year program offered to juniors and seniors.  The classes are for visual and creative thinkers as well as computer geeks interested in cutting edge digital and media arts.  The program offers the latest trends, techniques and technologies in the ever-evolving multimedia field.  The wide variety of the curriculum provides opportunities to build skills for future success in careers as an illustrator, desktop publisher, photographer, graphic artist, digital video editor, studio staging director, film maker, computer animator, sound engineer, camera operator, web designer or other positions in the exciting and growing recording, entertainment and digital media arts and communications field.  Students work at their own pace and get “hands-on” experience using state-of-the-art software, cameras, lighting, special effects, sound and broadcasting equipment.  All classes begin each fall and spring semester and students take two classes per semester.  Students completing a selection of eight classes (the equivalent of two years at WACC), will receive a Certificate in Graphic Design from Sauk Valley Community College.  Students not able to complete the certificate requirements while attending WACC are invited to enroll at Sauk Valley Community College after high school to finish the certificate requirements if they so choose. Qualifying WACC students may earn up to 24 college credits taking the Digital Media Arts class.

27 Dual Credits with SVCC: ART 100-Media Arts, ART 103-Digital Photography, ART 105-Motion Graphics, ART 107-DIgital Drawing, ART 230-Graphic Design I, ART 231 – Graphic Design II, ART 236-Film and Video, ART 237-Image and Sound Recording, ART 238-Interactive Media Design, ART 299-Topics and Issues (3 credits per course = 27 total credits offered)

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