Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice One year program designed to train students in various aspects of law enforcement, criminal justice, and the legal system. Students will receive instruction in skills needed for careers in associated fields; e.g. police officers, prosecuting and defense attorneys, probation and parole officers, crime scene investigators, correctional officers, etc. Major objectives of the program include: history of law enforcement, constitutional law, Illinois law, courts and the legal system, communication and dispatch operations, report writing and records, criminal investigations, search and seizure, community relations, patrol functions, traffic investigations, corrections, private security operations, criminology, and other related areas. Role play scenarios are used to enhance the student’s learning experiences and provide an introduction to practical experiences which might be expected in the field.

6 Articulated Credits with SVCC: 3 credits for CJS 101 and 3 credits for CJS 232.

Recommended Student Criteria:  Students enrolled in the Criminal Justice program will participate in active, police scenarios.  These scenarios include, but are not limited to the following physical activity; dragging a 150 pound person 10 feet, firing air guns, combat drills, and restraining potential suspects. Students should be able to pick up and carry objects weighing 25 pounds.

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