CEO ~ Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities

CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) One year course offered to a junior or senior student that acquaints students with the knowledge and skills necessary to own and operate their own businesses.  Concepts such as supply and demand, cost/benefit analysis, competitive advantages, and opportunity recognition are covered. Coursework includes innovative thinking strategies, product development, business structure, marketing, financial strategies, record keeping, and preparing an income statement, balance sheet, income and cash flow statements.  Entrepreneurial thinking (out-of-the box problem solving) is utilized throughout the course.   This course will take place in area businesses, and will include tours of local industry and guest speaker from all areas of business.

No dual credit available.

Prerequisites:  All students interested in enrolling in the WACC CEO class must complete an application available through his/her school counselor.  Students will be selected by the CEO Advisory Board.  Students who are selected to enroll in the CEO class must provide his or her own transportation to and from the various class meeting sites.

The CEO Class at WACC has their own website. Visit it here.

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