Automotive Technology

Auto Service One- or two-year program offered to junior and senior students. First year students will be building basic repair skills such as lubrication, brakes, engine tune up, suspension, fuel injection, computer controls, electrical systems, exhaust systems, transmissions and clutches, cooling systems, and heating and air conditioning.  Second year students will learn differential operation, engine diagnostics, and qualifying students can participate in work-based learning at various job sites in order to gain real world work experiences while going to school. 

2 Dual Credits with Highland Community College in AUTM 138

Prerequisites:  Students who enroll in Auto Service II will either participate in an internship two to three days per week, or will perform an internship at WACC in the WACC Automotive shop that will require working on customers’ vehicles.  Any student enrolled in Auto Service II must have a valid Illinois Driver’s license.

Recommended Student Criteria:  Students enrolled in Auto Services will be required to work in an automotive shop approximately 70% of the time while at WACC.  Students should be able to lift both arms above his or her head, lift 40 pounds, and be able to lower him or herself to the ground to work under a vehicle.

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