Allied Health

Allied Health One-year program offered to junior and senior students that are interested in pursuing a career in various medical fields.  Students are in the classroom three days per week and at clinical sites two days per week. Students participate in one to four clinical sites throughout the school year.  Clinical sites include, but are not limited to, hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, chiropractors, veterinary clinics, physical therapists, etc.  Students can practice in different areas of the medical field, such as Maternal-Child Nursing, Geriatrics, Emergency Nursing, Radiology, Dental Medicine, Veterinary Science, and more.

5 Dual Credits with SVCC:  3 credits for Medical Terminology (NRS116), 2 credits for Pharmacology for Non-Licensed Personnel (VOC176)

Prerequisites:  A student must complete the application paperwork.  Students will be required to participate in an internship two days per week throughout the school year. Therefore, a student who enrolls in Allied Health must be able to transport him or herself to various internship sites.

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